Three Powerful Words


Oswald Chambers in his incredible daily devotional book, “My Utmost For His Highest”, on the daily readings for June 11th said these words:

 The questions that truly matter in life are remarkably few, and they are all answered by these words—“Come to Me”.  Our Lord’s words are not, “Do this, or don’t do that, but—“Come to me”.  Have you ever come to Jesus?  Look at the stubbornness of your heart.  You would rather do anything than this one simple childlike thing—“Come to Me”.  At the most unexpected moments in your life there is this whisper of the Lord—“Come to Me”, and you are immediately drawn to Him.  Personal contact with Jesus changes everything.

 I believe the entire message of the Bible is summed up in the first three words of Jesus in Matthew 11:28—“Come to Me”.  That is all we need to do in life.

--When you are depressed, Jesus said “Come to Me”

--When you are sick, Jesus said, “Come to Me”

--When you have an important decision to make, Jesus said “Come to Me”

--When you are discouraged and feel like all hope is gone, Jesus said, “Come to Me”

--When you are lonely and feel no one is there, Jesus said “Come to Me”

--When you don’t know what to do, Jesus said “Come to Me”

Whatever you are facing—whatever you are going through, just “Come to Me”.  That is the answer to any problem or situation in life.  Jesus said in this verse, “Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”. 

 “…I will give you rest”. That is the result of “coming to Him” As Oswald Chambers goes on to say, “that means, ‘I will sustain you’, causing you to stand firm’”.

 What are you facing today?  Is it “weighing heavy on you”?  Jesus said these three simple words.  We try everything else to deal with our problems--let's try this!