Many times when people think of the word "church", they think of it as being judgmental and irrelevant.  We want 180 to be a different place. 

180 church is a family...a place where we worship together, pray together, and share our lives with each other. A place where everyone feels welcomed and accepted.

3 words that characterize 180


Our desire as a church is to be real, authentic, and genuine.  We want to be a place where people can just "be themselves".  To know that they are accepted and cared for, no matter what.


we feel the most important thing in life are relationships:  the relationship we can have with God and the relationships we can have with each other.  180 is built on going deeper in our relationships.


At 180, we see worship as something to be enjoyed, not just endured.  We want our services to be upbeat and positive.  Our pastor, Dr. J.R. Duncan, is a gifted speaker.  He deals with relevant day-to-day issues that affect

all of us.

180 - Why the Name?

It’s not often that the name of a church is a number.  Why 180?  What does that mean?  The meaning of the number 180 is at the heart of the Gospel.  It’s simply this—when a person experiences Christ, it changes the direction of our life.  It is a 180 degree turn.   We choose a new direction—and its God’s direction.

Our History

180 Church began 8 years ago in the home of Pastor J.R. and his wife, Kim.  From there, we moved into the Republic Community Center in Republic, Missouri, where we spent 4 years.  We are now located at Republic Road and FF Highway, 4032 W. Lark in Battlefield, Missouri.

Through the years and challenges, God has been so faithful to our church.