Balance in Life


The movie “Karate Kid” came out in 1984. The movie was a classic that had several sequels that followed.  It is the story about Daniel—a teenager who had just moved with his mother from New Jersey to California.  Daniel begins to be bullied by a group of high school students who were actively involved in karate.  A Japanese janitor who lived in Daniel’s apartment, agrees to help Daniel learn karate to defend himself.  During an exhaustive training session, Mr. Mijagi gave Daniel some good advice, He said, “Daniel—you need balance in your life, go find balance”.


If we use Jesus Christ as our model, then we see that he had a balance in his life between 1)

INVOLVEMENT and 2) SOLITUDE.  He had a balance between being with the crowd, and withdrawing from the crowd.  We can look on every page of the Gospels and see the involvement of Jesus.  But in his life we also see solitude.


  • Feeding the 5,000  (Mark 6:4)

  • Feeding the multitudes  (Matt 7:28)

  • With the Disciples  (Matt 5:1-2)

  • Teaching in the synagogue  (Luke 4:16-1



  • The mountains to pray  (Matt 14, 22-23, Mark 6:46-47)

  • He was alone praying  (Luke 9:18)

  • Departed to a solitary place and there he prayed  (Luke 4:42)

  • He withdrew from the crowd  (John 6:15)


If we do not have a balance between these two, our Christ life is hurting.


If all we have is INVOLVEMENT—we can become work-oriented and this can lead to burn-out and a loss of purpose.


If all we have is SOLITUDE—then we become introverted and self-centered in our Christian life


Let’s keep our life in balance this week.