Church Sanctuary


I received a text message from our daughter today.  This was funny and sad at the same time.  I need to give some background before I share her words.  Abby serves as a lawyer for the city of St. Louis.  A homeless shelter visited the building division last week to fill out an application for some individual permits for some specific uses for their property.  One application was to use the facility as a church sanctuary.


These were Abby’s words:  I am on a team of four lawyers and not one of them knew what a church sanctuary was.  After they discussed it for a while—I said to them, what do you mean you don’t know what a church sanctuary is? Abby told them, it’s an auditorium for a church.  You guys need to go to church more!   


One lawyer said, “you mean like where the pews are?”  They talked about it for a good five minutes—I just let them talk.  Some of their theories were:  altar, baptism area, prayer room.  My favorite theory was, that the homeless shelter was going to start housing illegal immigrants like the “sanctuary cities”.  It was all hilarious. 


Abby concluded her text by saying, “these poor heathen lawyers, it can’t be said I don’t have a mission field”.


As Christians, we just assume that people have been to church, know about Jesus, and at least know what a church sanctuary is!  It’s best not to assume anything.  Just like Abby, we all have a mission field around us.