Favorite Books



There was an interesting Harris Poll that was listed in the Springfield-News Leader under the USA Today section.  Thousands of U.S. adults in March answered the survey concerning their favorite books.


This was Americans' list of all-time favorite books (the top six)


#6  --  Moby Dick  (Herman Melville)


#5  --  To Kill a Mockingbird  (Harper Lee)


#4  --  The Lord of the Rings - series  (J.R.R. Tolkien)


#3  --  Harry Porter - series  (J.K. Rowling)


#2  --  Gone with the Wind  (Margaret Mitchell)


#1  --  The Bible 


I thought it was interesting when this was listed in the newspaper that it gave the author of the other books--but when it came to the # 1 best seller, they did not mention an author.  The great thing is-- we don't only know the author, but most of us are personally acquainted with the author.  In fact, we're a part of His family.


Some time ago, I issued a challenge to the church.  I give each of us The Five-Minute Challenge.  To take (5) minutes each day to read the Bible.  That sounds easy doesn't it?  But if most of us were honest about it, we can go days and not touch the Bible.  Get alone with God, pick up His book, and read for a few minutes.  The Creator of the universe wants to speak to you--what an incredible thought.


These other "all-time favorite books", might be interesting and entertaining--but the # 1 best seller is life changing!