Feeling Average

I have a brother who is (3) years older than me.  Being from a small town, all of my school teachers also had John as a student.  I was compared to my big brother all the way through school.  Of course, John was outstanding at everything:  salutatorian of his class, student body president, senior class president, honor society, all-district football, blah-blah-blah.  The teachers and coaches were expecting the same when “another Duncan” arrived on the scene.


My life could be summed up in one word—average.  I was an average student making average grades.  I had average looks.  I was an average athlete and I was not elected to anything.  There were 48 students in my senior class in high school.  My student ranking was 24th—how’s that for average.


I went through a large part of my life thinking average was about the best I could do.  The worst part, I started seeing myself as an average PERSON.  It took me a long time to realize that no person is average in God’s sight.  God doesn’t make any junk.  God has given each person special talents, abilities, and gifts.  Every person is unique and “one of a kind” to Him.  If you had been the only person alive, Jesus would have gone to the cross just for you.  That makes you extremely valuable.


Too many people feel they have nothing to offer.  They say, “how can God use me—I’m just average, I’m nothing special”.  All the way through the Bible, God used ordinary people to do extraordinary things.  When your life is submitted to Him, God will wear you out using you.  Even though the majority of the time you will not even be aware of the impact you are having on others.


Are you feeling average today?  You’re not!