Finding God’s Will – Romans 12:1-2


All of us have to make decisions in life.  Decisions concerning work, family, finances and a host of other things.  We want to make the right decisions—God led decisions.

How do we do this?  How do I find God’s direction / God’s will for my life?  In my 30+ years of ministry, I have been asked more questions about God’s will then all the other questions put together.


What do we mean by “the will of God”.  Simply put, the will of God is God’s personal plan for my life.


Basic assumptions concerning God’s will:


**  God has a definite plan for every life.  If the number of hairs on my head are numbered (Matt 10:30), if God records the tears that I shed (Psm 56:8), if God knitted me together in my mother’s womb and planned my life (Psm 139), then He has a plan and a purpose for me. 

**  God wants us to know His will.  It is not a mystery, or some deep secret.  God doesn’t play games with us.  He wants to reveal His direction to us.

**  We choose whether or not to do God’s will.  God had given each of us a free will, we can choose to follow or reject.


Key ingredients to aid in finding God’s will:  These first three are mainly prerequisites to getting ourselves in a position to where we can find God’s direction


**  Get right with God  (Psm 66:18) For some that is the salvation experience—to  know the will of God, we must be a child of God.  If we are a believer, we must deal with unconfessed sin in our life and get clean before God

**  Have an openness to God (John 7:17) We must say, “Lord, I want what You want in this situation”

**  Yield every area of your life to God (Romans 12:1)  Too many of us hang “do not disturb” signs on areas of our life.  Don’t expect an answer from God if we have not yielded to Him

**  Spend time in God’s word (Psm 119:105)  If you want to know the will of God, you must know the word of God—because in His word, you find His will.  The first place to look is the scripture.

**  Pray for wisdom (James 1:5)  Too many times we make decisions without first consulting the Lord.

**  Examine the situation (Lamentations 3:40) Get all the facts—look at the pros & cons to each possible solution.

**  Seek the counsel of mature Christians  (Acts 9:17-19)  Just as Paul spend days with the disciples in Damascus—we too will be benefited by talking to Christians who know us and love us.

**  If you have doubts—no peace, or nothing comes, then WAIT (Psm 37:7). The scripture says to wait patiently for Him.  Prov 19:2 says, …do not be hasty and miss the way.  Don’t rush God’s timing.


These (8) ingredients can serve as an aid in finding God’s will.  But remember, if you are walking with the Lord daily and have a sensitivity to His spirit—we do not have to worry about making right choices.  God will direct us or give us a “check” in our spirit if we start moving the wrong direction.


The greatest joy in life is knowing and doing God’s will.  The greatest tragedy is 1) not knowing God’s will or 2) knowing God’s will and not doing it.