How to Measure your Spiritual Growth

How do I know if I am growing spiritually?   There are things that we can expect to take place as we grow more mature in the faith.  Let me share with you (8) signposts to mark your progress.  As you look at these points, ask yourself the question, “Is this true of me, Lord?”  If you are growing in your faith, you will be able to say “yes” to each of these.

1)       A hunger to know God more   If we are maturing in our Christian walk, then we will certainly have a growing hunger  to know God.  We will not be satisfied with a superficial relationship with our heavenly Father.

2)       A desire to know the truth of the word   If we are growing in the Lord, then we will want to know what He says about things.  Let me ask you a tough question:  how much time do you spend reading the Word of God, compared to the time we spending watching TV, checking facebook, writing e-mails, and surfing the web?  I have challenged our church to take the “5 minute challenge”.  To spend (5) minutes each day in reading the scripture.  Many of you spend much more time doing this, but if you are “hit and miss”—start with (5) minutes a day.

3)       An increased awareness of our sinfulness, and a need for repentance   As we grow closer to the Lord, we become more and more aware of sin in our life.  We need to be aware of and recognize the “danger zones” and spend time daily in confess of sin.

4)       Understanding trials and temptations as opportunities for growth   When do you think Christians grow the most?  During times of hardship or times of success.  When we are going through the tough times, we need to ask this question, “Lord, what are you trying to teach me?”

5)       Viewing service to God as an honor, not a burden   If we are growing in the Lord, we will want to serve Him.  Our service should be out of love—not obligation.

6)       A desire to share Christ with others   One of the signs that you are growing in the Lord is that you develop a heart for other people.   We are looking for opportunities to share about the Lord and what He has done in our life.

7)       An earnest desire to give to the Lord’s work   Mother Teresa, the 1979 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize put it this way, “if you give what you do not need—it isn’t giving.  Our checkbooks are a little window into our soul.  If we are not faithful in this area, then other parts of our Christian life will be skewed.

8)       An increasing awareness of God in every area of life   A mature Christian is one who is constantly aware of the presence and work of God.  A true believer cannot compartmentalize their life.  We should be aware of God in every area.


The purpose of this list is not to give a precise report card evaluating whether or not you are “mature”.  Rather, it is a measuring stick by which you can assess your Christ growth.  I encourage you to keep a copy of this list in your Bible, or somewhere close.  Pull it out occasionally, and for each point, ask yourself the point I mentioned earlier:  “Is this true of me, Lord?”  I pray that you will discover over time that you are, in fact, changing into the person God wants you to be.