Making it Through the Hard Times


All of us go through difficult times in life.  It’s not a question of if we are going to

have hard times—the real question is, how are we going to handle those difficult days. 


Let me share with you what I have done this year when I have been at my lowest point.  As a Christian, we know some of the basics for getting through the hard times:  trust God, pray, read the Bible, know the promises of scripture, be with people, and there are many others things we could add to this list.  Let me share with you the one thought that has helped me the most.  It is four simple words.  For six months I had these words on small “stick it” notes all over the apartment.  I had them on the refrigerator, next to the TV, on the mirror in the bathroom, on the night stand next to my bed, and on the door to the apartment.  These were the four words that helped me tremendously: “Live in the Present”.  That sounds easy doesn’t it?  But I have found it is one of the hardest things to do in life.


As the months went by, I looked at those four words many times every day.  The question I started having was this, “Okay, I need to live in the present, but how do I do that?”  I spent several days thinking about that question.  I came up with these key ingredients.


“HOW to live in the present”


  1. Realize today is all I have

  2. Concentrating on the past or the future ruins today

  3. Know that I am extremely valuable to God

  4. Realize God wants to use me today

  5. Choose a right attitude


 For me personally, # 2 was the pivotal factor.  We can’t change the past; we can’t control the future—all we have is today.


A counselor recently said something to me that I thought was very insightful.  He said, “Dark days call for right thinking and a vertical focus”.