Super Bowl Sunday


Next to the World Cup final—the largest sporting event in the world happens this Sunday afternoon in Houston, Texas.  The New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl.  Last year over 160 million people in 170 countries watched this yearly football spectacular.  The cost this year for a 30-second commercial—$5 million dollars.  That comes to over $165,000 per second.


For those of us who are “hard-core football fans”, here are some of the essentials to get ready for the big game:

  1. Have a big screen TV:  Other than Christmas, more TV’s are sold the week of Super Bowl than any other time of the year.

  2. Have plenty of snacks: Chips, cheese dip, chicken wings, etc.  Nothing constitutes more of an emergency than running short on food.

  3. Minimize distractions:  Don’t budge if the phone rings or someone comes to the door.  If there is a family emergency—let them know you’ll check on it in a few hours when the game is over.

  4. And most importantly—don’t miss any of the commercials:  The next day, the commercials are talked about as much as the game.


Yes, there are things we do to get ready for the Super Bowl.  But what about earlier that day—that Sunday morning.  Are there things we can do to get ready for worship?

I think Sunday mornings would be totally different if we did two simple things:


  1. Take a few moments to pray prior to the service. A prayer something like this: “Lord, let me be open and receptive to what You want to say to me today?

  2.  Apply that spiritual truth to the coming week.  This is hardly ever done and it is vitally important.  We must think about how the spiritual truth can be incorporated into our daily, life experiences.

If we will do these two things—Sunday mornings will become more meaningful and relevant.


I hope you will be blessed by what takes place Sunday morning—and that you will enjoy what takes place Sunday afternoon.