The Family


I was quite relaxed, my shoes were off, and I was enjoying the fellowship of this family.  As I drank lemonade and nibbled on a cookie--I couldn't help but think of a time when, in this very home, things were not so pleasant.  I entered the house tense and nervous.  I was on my best behavior.  I was careful to word my sentences correctly.  My clothing were carefully selected to make the best impression.  My heart throbbed as I saw their daughter, and I expressed to them that I would drive carefully and bring her home early.  I could tell they were apprehensive--and I was perspiring heavily.


Many years have passed since that first meeting.  My daughters have had "free run" of their house.  I feel free to help myself to their refrigerator, and no matter what--we're always welcome!  What happened?  I became a part of the family!  Through no merit of my own, I became family because of my marriage to their daughter.


180 Church is a family--a place where people... talk together, pray together, worship together, laugh together, cry together, play together, work together, and share our lives with each other.


There are people who come to our church who are nervous, frightened, and wondering if they will "fit in".  Maybe we can make them feel more like "family" as we introduce ourselves and let them know that we are so happy to have them a part of the 180 community.


Everyone wants to feel welcome, accepted, and comfortable.  It is my hope as people pass through the doors of 180--they will feel a part of our family.