Touching Lives


The lead story in the Springfield News-Leader the other day was an article concerning the top 10 intersections for car crashes in the Springfield area.  Even though the article was primarily about accidents--what caught my eye was the number of vehicles passing through the various intersections each day.


Can you guess the busiest intersection in Springfield?  It is the intersection of Glenstone Avenue and Sunshine Street.  The number of cars that go through this intersection in a 24-hour period-- I only missed it by about 30,000.  The number is 64,434 cars.  Let me give you the other top (4) and the number of cars.

***  National Avenue and Sunshine Street  --  63,501

***  Battlefield Road and Campbell Street  --  62,011

***  Campbell Avenue and Sunshine Street  --  60,579

***  Battlefield Road and National Avenue  --  60,517


As I was reading the paper, I was thinking about the number of lives that we "intersect" every day.  The number of people we "touch" or have conversations with on a daily basis.  People in the workplace, the grocery store, the restaurant, school activities, the department store, our friends, neighbors, people in our church and in our home.  We have many contacts every day where we "intersect" with people.


In Ephesians 5:16, Paul gave us some insightful words concerning our personal "intersections"-- "...making the most of every opportunity..."  That means every day, every encounter, is an opportunity for us to show Christ in our dealings with  people. We can do little things on a regular basis that can affect people in a positive way.  It might be a word of encouragement, a listening ear, a touch, telling someone we are praying for them, a smile, a kind word, sharing how Christ has helped us through a tough time. If we are looking for opportunities--they are there.