When God says, “Wait”


One of the most difficult things to do in life is having to wait.  It seems like so much of our time is waiting—at the doctor’s office, at the restaurant, at the check-out line at the store.  These are just irritations, but having to wait can go much deeper than this.

   -- Waiting for God to bring that someone “special” into your life

   -- Waiting for the right job

   -- Waiting for that relationship to be mended

   -- Waiting for your child / grandchild to get their life “turned around”


But what happens when it seems like God is slow in responding to our needs?  The normal reaction is to become impatient, to feel God has forgotten us, or to get depressed.  But I have learned over the years that we can’t rush God.  We can’t hurry Him along. We have to remember that His timetable is not our timetable.


There are many Biblical examples of individuals who spent years waiting on God.  Noah in Genesis 6, spend 120 years waiting for the flood, Abraham & Sarah in Genesis 17, spend years waiting for a child, Joseph in Genesis 39 spent years waiting in prison, Paul in Galatians 1, spent three years in Arabia after the Damascus road experience waiting for God’s next step for his life.  We must remember that WAITING time is not WASTED time.  Waiting is God’s opportunity to strengthen our dependency on Him.


What can we do while we are waiting on God:

1)     Pray  --  Psm 38:15

2)     Be strong  -- Psm 27:14a  (That means to have courage, be brave)

3)     Take heart  --  Psm 27:14b  (Don’t get discouraged)

4)     Wait expectantly  --  Psm 5:3


It’s interesting that we never consider the fact that many times God is WAITING ON US!  God is waiting on us:

      --- To give our life to Him

      --- To start using our talents

      --- To put Him first


Waiting on God does not mean that we “do nothing”.  Waiting on God simply means that we pause until we receive further instruction from Him.