Why God sends people into your life


God sends people into your life for (2) reasons:

1)      To be a blessing

2)      To be a lesson


Haven’t you had those times in your life when nothing goes right.  Those times when you think things could not get any worst—and then they do.  All of us have had those difficult experiences.  And then when we are at our lowest point, someone comes along who gives a word of encouragement.  A person who gives us a listening ear, a hug, a smile.  This person conveys to us by their actions that “we matter”, and “we’re important”.  This is the type of person who comes along side of us and says, “I’m praying for you”—and you can tell they really mean it!  God sends people like this into our lives to be a blessing. 


I wish every encounter we had in life consisted of blessings from people.  But all of us know differently.  Difficult people are all around us.  They are in the work place, at church, in our neighborhood, at school—they are everywhere.  And as you have heard me say on occasion, “difficult people never move and never die”. 


Why is it that God sends difficult people our way?  For one primary reason—to teach us.  Through those hard-headed, stubborn, uncaring people—God is wanting us to learn some life lessons. When we are in those situations, we need to ask the question, “Lord, what are you trying to teach me through this?”


For my entire life, I have only wanted to be around people who fit into the # 1 category.  I only want people around me who are a blessing.  But, God will not allow that to happen.  We need people in the # 2 category as well as the # 1 category—even though we don’t like it.  God has His way of building our character, our patience, and our maturity—and many times that only comes through category # 2.