Are You one of the 19?

How are things going with the reading through the New Testament in one year?  19 of our people have made a commitment to do this.  In our readings, we have just now started in the book of Luke. If you are behind in your scripture reading, don’t get discouraged.  It doesn’t take long to get caught back up.  Reading the word of God on a daily basis is a wonderful thing to do.  Our thoughts get jumbled up with God’s thoughts--and we can’t do that and not go away changed.

April 13 will be the next meeting of our Women's Ministry.  Renee Newman and Brandi Woosley are heading up this newly formed ministry.  This is a great opportunity for the women and youth in our church to gather for fellowship and spiritual growth.  Ladies, this will be well worth your time--make it a point to be there, Wednesday, 5:45 pm at the church.

A Young Woman Sitting on a Balcony

Easter Sunday is next weekend, April 17.  Dr. Mike Haynes will be our guest speaker.  Mike is the Executive Director of the Greene County Baptist Association.  He is an outstanding communicator, and you will be blessed by his message.  We encourage you to invite someone to church on that day.

Have you Started Yet?

The coming months ahead will be a time of transition for our church.  If there was ever a time when we needed to pray, it is now!  Pray for our Search Committee Team, but also pray that there will be a spirit of unity and love in our church as we move forward.

A Final Word from Pastor J.R.

This is my final writing of the 180 Happenings.  It was Rev. Rick Warren who said these words:  "A church is not a place you go, and it's not an event you attend.  The church is a spiritual family you belong to."  180 Church is a family.  As a family we worship together, share together, serve together, and pray together.

The most important thing in our spiritual family is not who preaches on Sunday, it is the Lord.  This is God's church.  In the months ahead, let me encourage you to stay strong as a church family and to keep your focus on Him.  Every week I have concluded 180 Happenings with the passage in Hosea 6:3 that says, "Let us press on to know HIM".  Let me break down these few words:

Let us:  "us" means all believers, every person who has received Christ and has a relationship with Him.

Press on:  we need to continue, persevere, not give up, keep moving foward

To know Him:  our focus is not simply church attendance, but we are to press onward in developing a deeper, move meaningful relationship with Christ.


J. R.